POP standup paddleboards



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POP Paddleboards is committed to making stand up paddle boarding accessible to the masses. They believe that everyone across the globe near a river, lake, harbor, or ocean should have the opportunity to be apart of this emerging lifestyle while. The light weight board can pump up to 15 PSI making it ideal board for boaters to enjoy some offshore entertainment without dinging the board or boat and stiff enough to handle ocean swells.  The POP SUP comes with a travel backpack, pump, fin and an adjustable paddle.

Lastly, you have to admit, these boards are stylish!

POP offers 3 models/styles of boards with different specs (length and width + carrying capacity, check out the different styles and colors on the POP site here and then come back and buy your SUP from us below!

After you order we will follow-up via email to get your preference on board style and color and estimated delivery date.


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