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Paddleboarding season doesn’t have to end when temperatures start to drop. In fact, paddleboarding in the winter can be just as exhilarating with the proper clothing, safety tips, and a good sense of judgment. So don’t put that board in storage! Instead, break out those warm clothes and lets go over the basic tips to get you on the water year-round. 

Dress Accordingly

The key to enjoying paddleboarding in colder weather is to dress in layers and focus on keeping your head, hands, and feet the warmest. Avoid wearing anything cotton-based or clothing that does not layer easily. If you are paddling in flat water and do not plan on falling in then a wetsuit is not needed. Start with a base layer then add additional layers for warmth and wind protection. Waterproof jackets and pants are a great addition to help keep any icy cold water from dripping on you.  Be sure to wear neoprene or waterproof gloves and booties and throw on a fleece beanie to keep your ears warm.

Use Good Judgement

Whether you are paddling in a new or familiar location there are a few things to keep in mind. For starters, it is important to always stay close to the shore for multiple reasons. The last thing you want to do is fall into freezing cold water, but in case you ever do it is crucial to be close to shallow water. Hypothermia is something to seriously consider and avoiding deep water can ultimately save your life on the off chance that you fall in. Staying close to shore also eliminates any chance of running into blocks of dense ice. We all know the story of the Titanic, so let’s avoid that. 

Just like in the summertime, checking the weather forecast is imperative. Rain and snow are not ideal and can impair your vision when on the water. Calm winds and precipitation free weather is best to ensure your safety. While checking the weather also find out when the sunsets. Winter months mean the sun goes away much earlier and you do not want to find yourself out past dark. 

Be Prepared

Plan your trip thoroughly by packing equipment and gear to keep you warm and safe. Here are just a few recommendations:

  • PFD and leash: wear them both. It’s not a fashion contest and wearing your PFD can be another layer that keeps you warm on the water.
  • Warm thermos: having tea or soup prepared for during or after your paddle is a great way to refuel yourself 
  • Water: although you might not think you need it, water is essential even in cold temperatures
  • Dry bag: keep any extra layers, food, and your phone dry. Having a phone with you is important in case of emergencies. 
  • Extra clothes: bring scarves, jackets, and blankets to keep in your car after your paddle. 
  • Tell a friend: whether you bring a friend or not, always let someone know where you plan to paddle. Be smart and share your location and eta of coming back

.Paddleboarding doesn’t have to be seasonal. Rather than putting your board away for the winter, let’s hit the water year-round! Using these tips, you can paddle comfortably and enjoy magnificent snowy landscapes all around you.

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