|| Prepare for your Next SUP Adventure ||

Whether you are a beginner or advanced paddler, it is important to always keep safety in mind. The first thing you should always check is the weather and wind conditions. It’s best to download a few apps such as The Weather Channel, WindFinder, Willy Weather, AccuWeather, and Windy. Cross-referencing a few sources allows you to be more accurate about what kind of weather you will expect. Weather conditions are constantly changing (especially here in CO), so be sure to check current and future weather before heading out on the water.

The next step is gathering all the necessary equipment (if you haven’t check out our previous blog on essential gear, check it out here). When storms hit the most important piece of gear to have on the water is going to be a leash and a PFD. A leash is designed to keep you attached to your board in case of an emergency. If you are to fall off your board due to high winds or storms, having your board attached to your ankle can save your life. Even if you are a good swimmer, having a PFD on board can help you or even someone else in danger in the midst of storms.

The last thing to keep in the mind is knowing how to deal with storms and wind when you are already on the water. If you encounter conditions that are difficult to paddle in, the best thing to do is get as low as you can. By dropping down to your knees and bending low with each paddle will allow you to have less wind resistance when tracking on the water. Holding your hands closer to the blade of the paddle and really digging in with each stroke helps you move faster and get to safety.

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